How Much Do I Tip Bangkok Escort?

Are you planning to spend your honeymoon in Bangkok? Do your sensual desires often urge you to get an erotic and comforting body massage in the land of dreams?

While you are lost in the excitement of packing your bags and making plans, tipping might not be anywhere within your travel financial considerations, especially if you are a first time visitor. Unfortunately, however, if you are planning to travel to the gorgeous city of Bangkok, you might end up spending way more money in tipping your service providers, be it at the restaurants, bars, spa and massage centres, or your escorts.

Bangkok Travel Guide

Bangkok Travel Guide 2020

Visiting the capital city of Thailand can be both exciting and adventurous, considering the host of surprises it has in store for you. Famous for its vibrant street life and graceful shrines, Bangkok is a good place for spending some time chilling out with friends and companions.

The city has a very warm and welcoming atmosphere, having a mix of modernity with a traditional touch. Its fashionable skyscrapers, classy shopping malls, grand palaces and glittering temples, have rendered a sense of exclusivity to this bustling metropolis city. And not to forget the aromatic Thai delicacies that are refreshing enough to soothe your souls.

Amidst such savoury flavours and fragrances, Bangkok has a vivid nightlife, having a bunch of exotic spas, massage parlours and top rated escort service providers. As far as adult entertainment is concerned, one can consider having some relaxing and pleasurable nightlife in Bangkok with Thai girls. And trust us, the city will never make you feel bored or lonely with such attractive and sexy escort girls ready to pamper you in every way.

Finding Best Place to Meet a Thai Girl

Finding Best Place to Meet a Thai Girl

If you are wondering where to find Bangkok escorts, you may get the answer in Soi Cowboy, the epicentre of the Red Light District of this sex-oriented city. With bars lining up the street, you can have a desirable time with bar dancers, call girls and escort ladies addressing your physical desires.

Coming to the nightlife scenario, for which the city is famous for, you can find yourself an enjoyable time at nightclubs, hip cocktail bars and rooftop bars. You can hire a companion of your choice to make the night more flavourful!

Other places include Theta State Float Center near the Sukhumvit area in Bangkok. It is known for its best spa services providing a therapeutic floatation relaxation technique.

Guide to Tip Your Thai Escort

Guide to Tip Your Thai Escort

There are various slabs of escorting rates in Bangkok, depending upon the type of service availed (whether for a massage or lovemaking acts), total hours booked and the experience of the escort.

So whether you hire a Thai bar girl, a go-go girl, a Karaoke girl, a soapy massage girl, an online outcall escort, or one of the Thai street hookers, be prepared to let out anywhere from 500-5,000 Baht.

Unlike Western and American countries, the tipping rules in Thailand might vary from person to person, and the type of service acquired. In the case of restaurants, if you have a meal of about 200 Baht, then giving a tip of 10-20 Baht should be okay. However, if your total bill is around 500-1000, your tip should be about 40-100, depending on the quality of service received the ambience and ratings of the restaurant and the total bill amount.

You can apply the same methods while tipping escorts in Bangkok. Even though you don’t need to tip your partner a lot, 20 Baht is often considered the magic figure to start with. The more exclusive your service is, the higher should be your tip percentage. So basically, 10-15% of the total service rate is the golden rule of tipping a Bangkok escort.

Why Should I Tip a Thai Escort?

Tip Thai Escort

Although it is not at all mandatory to tip your escorts in Thailand, however, it is a sign of gratitude. Also, you must hand over the tip directly to the service provider (in this case, escort) and make sure always to pay it in cash.

Your hard-working escort deserves to be tipped a satisfactory amount to show her that you are satisfied. Tourists must keep this in mind that these Thai workers have a much lower pay scale that you can think of, and tipping them can provide them with an extra financial backup. With a monthly wage of 9,000 Baht, an additional 20 Baht will add to their hours of hard work, and it is only a nominal fee for you.

However, you don’t have to offer any tip in case you are not entirely happy with the services, or when you receive rough treatment. But you won’t usually face such a situation if you hire proper escort agencies in Bangkok.

So before you set off for travelling to Bangkok, learn about the places you can hangout and have a pleasant nightlife enjoyment.

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